Logiciel de contrôle du stationnement

Simplify, streamline, and automate parking enforcement with citizen-centered software

Empower your citizens with the right tech stack designed for easy compliance

With data-driven tools like AI License Plate Recognition and next-generation ticket processing like ticket-by-mail, you can build a parking program second to none.

Key Advantages

Improve efficiency

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Automate and streamline your parking management by eliminating the need for manual ticketing, paperwork, and fee collection.

Reduce human error

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Accurately capture and record license plate information, parking duration, violations, and other details to help ensure fair and reliable enforcement.

Increase revenue

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Detect and address violations promptly, discourage illegal parking, and enforce parking rules more efficiently. That, in turn, improves the collection of parking fees and fines.

Provides convenience

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Our solutions empower citizens to apply for parking permits themselves, leading to faster approvals without taking up the time of your administrative staff.

Tight integration

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Interconnection with other systems allows for seamless data sharing, coordination, and synchronization across departments.

Make data-driven decisions

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Get insights about parking utilization, occupancy rates, and violations that can help drive smarter decisions.

Increase compliance

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Efficient monitoring and enforcement of parking and road violations deter violators and improve public safety.

Comprehensive Parking Enforcement Solutions

From ticketing systems to permits, gtechna improves parking compliance, enforcement, and management with our suite of comprehensive yet easy-to-use solutions.

All gtechna products can be integrated into a seamless platform, allowing for a powerful all-in-one, end-to-end system.

Our feature-rich solutions cover all of a city’s current operational needs while laying the foundation to build successful parking operations well into the future.

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Parking Ticket Software

gtechna’s ticketing solutions offer a collection of more than 15 modules designed to facilitate a vast array of ticketing management tasks. Mix and match them for a tailored solution.


Resource Efficient

Combine our handheld hits dashboard with vehicle License Plate Recognition to maximize multi-zone coverage. Do continuous sweeps with a vehicle and issue alerts which can be downloaded by a foot officer nearest the location of the vehicles in violation to serve the ticket. Resources are a highly sought-after asset which is why we build solutions that are designed to support your current and future operational needs. More livable cities start with better services backed by the right technology.


Seamless Integration

For instance, stealth alerts can be issued on vehicles of interest during routine parking enforcement sweeps to Police departments using gtechna’s Police Ticketing module. Police Ticketing helps law enforcement issue citations more efficiently via rapid, error-free vehicle and owner information capture using license plate recognition and eticketing for moving violations.


Streamlined Towing and Booting

The Towing Automation module facilitates requesting and tracking vehicle towing, making it a great addition to existing parking violation enforcement solutions. The towing module offers robust options, including an online portal for citizens to locate their vehicles and pay fines to recover them as quickly as possible. Booting Automation offers similar customer-centric options such as IVR and online payments to allow for the release and recovery of detained vehicles in real-time. 

Parking Violations Collections program  illustration

Customer-centric Collections Program

Our Revenue Recovery Program ensures regulatory compliance and maximizes revenue. With uncollected parking violations accumulating annually, the program can save your city or court hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, in outstanding fines. Choose gtechna for a customer-centric collection program with seamless integration and exceptional revenue recovery for parking authorities, municipalities, and police departments.

Digital Self-service

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Services en ligne

Build a parking program that puts your citizens first with our online services portal. gtechna’s straightforward, user-friendly solutions make parking hassle-free — with secure payments, a built-in appeal feature, and online hearing self-scheduling.

No more cumbersome processes, frustrating in-person encounters, or back-and-forth emails. Use our parking enforcement software to put the power back in the hands of your citizens.


Self-Service Parking Kiosk

Our cutting-edge self-service kiosks ensure equitable access to parking services through a user-friendly interface and an intuitive platform for payments, contesting tickets, or checking their status. Users can view entire documents without endless scrolling. And with the incorporated thermal printer and flat bed scanner, essential documents can be printed or scanned on the spot. Learn more

Digital Parking Permit Software

Managing parking permits can be an administrative nightmare for many governments with missed opportunity to leverage a value curbside asset to increase revenue and deliver better services. Applying for permits can also be a significant source of red tape, making it a time-consuming and resource-intensive process for citizens and governments alike.


Digital Permit Software

gtechna’s Digital Parking Permit Software is designed as an intuitive and powerful solution for all permitting needs. It gives citizens a self-service portal to quickly apply for several types of transient and Residential Parking Permits (RPP).


Digitized Infrastructure

Digitizing the process with our parking enforcement software means there’s no need to do it manually, saving everyone countless hours. It also means the city can collect fees fairly, reduce illegal parking, and increase revenue.

Automatisation du contrôle

License Plate Recognition Software and AI License Plate Recognition

gtechna’s License Plate Recognition Software integrates into existing parking management solutions, allowing seamless data sharing across systems, zones, or between shifts for continuous targeted enforcement that minimizes resources needed to run an efficient parking enforcement program.

Choose between Fixed LPR, Vehicle-mounted LPR, Handheld LPR, or combine them for more comprehensive coverage and enforcement.

AI license plate recognition software with enforcement automation

AI License Plate Recognition - The next generation of LPR

gtechna elevates License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software with AI.

We can now teach our parking enforcement technology to interpret data in context to alleviate curb congestion and improve compliance.

This method prevents errors and handles situations where LPR alone can't offer accurate data, like vehicles parked in fire hydrant zones or loading areas.


Contravention par la poste

Our parking enforcement software combines automated direct mail citations with license plate recognition (LPR), so tickets arrive at the parker’s address after a violation.

Ticket by Mail can be a force-multiplier, *business rules permitting. It can also be a non-punitive post-payment option called Invoice-by-mail for a frictionless on- or off-street parking solution. *If your business rules don’t support ticket by mail, Handheld Hits Dashboard is an excellent alternative for operational efficiency.

Learn more

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Smart Parking Insights with Data Visualization

Veille stratégique

Whether on-street or parking lot enforcement and management, an effective parking program isn’t just about automating and digitizing your workflow.

One of the most significant benefits you’ll get is extracting valuable insights from your operations, so you can improve on them moving forward. And gtechna’s Business Intelligence tools can help you here.

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Centralized Business Intelligence Hub

  • Improve your parking enforcement systems today with powerful Business Intelligence.
  • With Business Intelligence, you get more than just raw numbers.
  • Discover insights into your parking data by analyzing real-time trends, performance, and patterns in your parking enforcement that allow for more educated decisions.
  • Everything can be viewed in a centralized Business Intelligence Hub, giving you instant access to data that matters to you.


Hébergement infonuagique

With gtechna’s Cloud Hosting, your parking management software works on a secure and reliable infrastructure. We provide high uptime, so your parking compliance solutions are always available. And with 24/7 monitoring by threat protection industry leader Crowdstrike, we guarantee that any issues will be tackled at a moment’s notice to minimize downtimes.

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Cloud hosting servers illustration

Cost-Efficient Cloud Hosting

  • Pay for what you use

    Reduce your costs dramatically by only paying for what you use.
  • Scale your operations

    Quickly scale your operations With gtechna’s Cloud Hosting infrastructure without the limitations of heavy investment in equipment and infrastructure.
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